Friday, November 16, 2007

my first threadless design

since i've ben blowing wads of cash on threadless tee's thought i'd try to recoup some back by contributing so here's my first threadless tshirt design attempt. would be great if you guys could follow the link below and score it to help contribute to the save-my-creditcards fund.

His Royal Sighness - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Monday, October 29, 2007

oodles of noodle

the doodlepong project has grown and i almost feel like a proud father looking at it mature, take shape, expand. soon it will be too big for me and too proud to be seen with me and it will start experimenting with drugs and leave me for some cheap tramp. till then, i'm delighted at its progress. what's been most encouraging are the positive responses from the who's who in the illustration/design universe who've been really nice stand-up guys and gals. and to be able to doodle jam with them is just schoolgirlgushingly awesome. the doodlepongers include:

graphic airlines
stupid love
jeremiah ketner
imakethings charuca

and of course, in the inclusive spirit of doodling, there are other contributors who may not be as popular and whose contributions i value just as much. after all, doodling is supposed to be idling fun. i keep getting responses from doodlers who are too embarrassed to contribute to the wanton doodles site cos they don't think their doodles are good enough. heck, if you can put ink on paper, you're good enough. i mean c'mon, have you seen pollock's work? the man pours paint on the floor and calls it the "drip" technique. didnt anyone since the 1930's sit up and say "hey waitaminute...". anyway, here's a glimpse of the doodlepong, oodles of noodle, so far...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

happy eid

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

all quiet on the doodling front

been pretty tied up with work and...drum ver2! figured its abt time cos the current site is a bit too cumbersome to upload doodles so i'm trying out a new platform. new and improved site will include all those many doodles that have been sent in by you guys and, rest assured, not forgotten. so keep sendin in your doodles and don't forget your name and location so that you can easily search for your picasso's. watch for it...

Monday, August 20, 2007

hoping sorry would cut it

apologies to all those who contributed doodles but have yet to see their masterpieces grace the wanton doodles site. it's not cos i dont think they're good enough. heck, i think they're all amazing. just that i've been pretty swamped with my day job that i barely have time to do much else. rest assured, i will do level best to update the site soon. in the meantime, i appreciate the many words of encouragement and wonderful stuff you've said abt the site as well as the criticisms (curling up in a foetal position and weeping like a baby helps). do keep giving me your honest feedback and keep on sending them doodles. very excited to show the world doodles from all over the world - canada, uk, france, us, japan, poland to name a few. last count i have in excess of 200 doodles yet to be posted. bandwidth balls to the wall! also for those who are keen on joining doodle pong, do keep me posted and many thanks for thoe who already have.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

doodle pong

started this new project called "doodle pong". it's like ping pong minus the sweat. trade in the bats for pens and table for paper and the doodle pong session was on like donkey kong. even got doodlers from around the world to contribute and right now it's somewhere in the states waiting to be "ponged" back to me before i can "ping" it to someone else. here's how the doodle pong entitled "oodles of noodle" took shape...






graphic airlines

mr the beef

Friday, July 27, 2007

doodle from japan

ohayugozaimasss! received this email all the way from japan and always happy to oblige...

"Hi Mr Woodle! A beautiful gift from Hikaru Takahashi, a 9 yrs old girl, on father's day.She will be happy to see her work being posted in your website.Thank you."

...indeed a very beautiful gift. so click here for this cute wanton doodles post.